Letters to the editor for Sunday, January 2, 2022


Editorial cartoon

Dems control media but can’t govern

I am amazed at how many so-called “lifelong Republicans” have converted because of “Trump supporters” fighting against vaccinations and wearing masks. Well where did they hear this lie? The “Mainstream Media” who all parrot the Democrat socialist mantra. You can watch every “Mainstream Media” station and not only do they continue their effort to promote racial division they repeat the same exact words! Now your writers are attacking Gov. DeSantis as well!

Here’s the reality. Democrats can win elections simply because they control the media and population centers but they sure can’t govern. Every blue state is broke, crime-ridden, racial violence abounds, corrupt and COVID-19 deaths are highest in the country! Truth is I know a lot of Trump supporters and all of them have been vaccinated and received their booster shots. Out of all…

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