Letters to the editor for March 4, 2022


Shame on School Board chair 

Tuesday night saw hour after hour of support for Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Carlee Simon from a broad and tremendously diverse coalition of parents, teachers and community leaders. Despite this overwhelming support, the board voted 3-2 to terminate her contract “without cause” (the official language of the motion). 

Many in the community knew this was likely, but dared to hope for a better outcome. With Ron DeSantis appointee Mildred Russell and retiring board member Gunnar Paulson targeting Simon (for political and personal reasons, respectively), any hope for retaining Simon rested with board chair Hyatt. Unfortunately, Hyatt chose to ignore this strong show of support and instead joined Russell and Paulson in firing Simon, without cause.

This decision has weakened our district now and for years to come, and Hyatt should be ashamed of…

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