LETTERS: Museum is not Disney World; absolutely nailed the problem | Opinion


Museum is not Disney World

In response to the Dec. 28 letter from Connor Finley about his visit to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, I would like to respond.

Mr. Finley, I don’t think I know you but if I did, we might be friends. And as your friend I would have to tell you how completely narrow your view was of your visit to this wonderful local attraction.

What I gleaned from your letter, is that you don’t like spending money on parking; the “games”, as you call them, didn’t measure up to your expectations; and the touch-screens required you to read 2-3 sentences instead of watching a video. Oh, and the exterior signs asking that no skateboarding be conducted on the sidewalks (so as not to destroy the property or run over patrons) was…

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