Letter to the editor: Why oppose infrastructure bill? | Letters


I give Sen. Jon Tester a hearty Montana thank you for sponsoring and pushing the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with bipartisan support. The act will create jobs for Montana men and women across the state and will build roads, bridges, airports, and critical water projects. Also, there are investments to complete all authorized Indian water rights settlements, including three settlements in Montana.

The act supports our tourism industry funding wildfire risk abatement, and rehabilitation of burned areas. Good for Jon Tester. That is the bright side of the coin.

The dark side, however, is where Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale dwell. They both voted against the infrastructure bill, claiming that it did not fund infrastructure. Huh? Jobs, roads, bridges, airports and drinking water facilities are not infrastructure?

Let’s cut through the bologna and get to…

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