Letter to the Editor: Comparing Trump’s Election Reaction With Those Who Came Before Him


An entire year has now passed since the assault on the nation’s Capitol, one of the most shameful acts in the nation’s history. The acid test of  a democratic republic is the peaceful transfer of authority, a test we nearly failed.

Essential here is to place nation above self, the common good before ego or pride. Fortunately, most of our aspirants to the presidency have been individuals of high character, as is exemplified by the following concession statements of some who were defeated:

• Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who lost to Lyndon Johnson in 1964: “Congratulations on your victory. I have no bitterness, no rancor at all. I say to the President as a fellow politician that he did a wonderful job.”

• Democratic Senator George McGovern, who lost to Richard Nixon in 1972: “Congratulations on your victory. I hope that in the next four…

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