Letter: Back of the line for unvaccinated at hospitals | Letters to the Editor


To vax or not to vax against COVID-19? That is the question.

I sympathize with people who have simply neglected to be vaccinated. We lead busy lives.

I also sympathize with those who actively choose not to be vaccinated for whatever reason. Some say it’s because “my body my choice.” Some say “I would get vaccinated if someone wasn’t ordering me to do it.” Some say it’s because “I already had COVID and have natural immunity.” Others even bring up George Soros and Bill Gates.

But we must also understand the public health issue that unvaccinated folks are creating. Hospitals and their staff are in crisis mode again. Hospitals are nearing collapse again, being overwhelmed with COVID patients who are mostly unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated folks know very well the risk that they are taking with their own health. They have taken that risk willingly, and will usually say so proudly.

So here is my…

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