Lesley Stahl Needs to Apologize. Think She Ever Will?


Lesley Stahl of 60 MINUTES owes President Trump a big-time apology.

For anyone who still hasn’t seen why she needs to apologize, here’s the video

Here’s some of the transcript…

She needs to apologize for “correcting” Trump for saying he’d been spied on. We say this for a number of reasons, but mainly because Special Counsel John Durham says in court documents that he has evidence showing that Trump’s campaign and transition actually were spied on.

At this point, why won’t Lesley Stahl finally apologize to President Trump for her mistake? Well, it most likely has to do with a collective self-delusion going on with the left.

Think Lesley will realize her grievous error and come groveling? She won’t. She and her colleagues are too invested in thinking they’re right on this, even when they’re wrong, and The New York Times is…

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