Laurence Fox on the ‘spiritual war’ against wokeness, identitarianism, and entitlement


After a conference in London was canceled due to the emergent yet mild Omicron strain of the once-novel coronavirus, Laurence Fox, actor, former mayoral candidate, and outspoken artist and I sat down for a virtual meeting to replace the one we would have had if governments had not interfered.

Fox, who plays Hunter Biden in an upcoming film “My Son Hunter,” has been an outspoken advocate for individual rights in the face of continuing encroachments on personal freedom. It began before COVID-19, but intensified with the emergence of the pandemic. Fox has paid a high price for speaking up, has lost work because of it, and if anything that’s made him more determined to not be cowed by either the dogmatic entertainment infrastructure or the political ones.

Because we were supposed to meet in person, and had been prevented from doing so by government shut downs, we spoke first of the

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