Kyle Rittenhouse, Who Doesn’t “Want to Get Involved in Politics,” Turns to Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump


In the early goings of the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide proceedings, Judge Bruce Schroeder told attorneys that the case would focus narrowly on the facts and the law. “This is not a political trial,” he said in September. “This is not going to be a political trial.” That was obviously never going to be possible—especially not in a case in which an armed minor, who claims to have been helping protect private property during racial justice protests in a city he didn’t live in, fatally shot two men and wounded a third. 

But Schroeder wasn’t actually cautioning lawyers to leave politics at the door as much as he was warning them to leave their politics at the door—the kind of politics that would, say, regard the men Rittenhouse shot and killed in Kenosha last year as “victims.” Indeed, a great deal of politics was permitted in the case, both inside the courtroom and out:…

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