Kristi Noem Comes to Town


It’s not common for governors from the middle of the country to visit Massachusetts, but it happened last week. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem came to Massachusetts for a few days to support Republican Geoff Diehl’s run for governor. She’s the second-most prominent Republican to endorse Diehl in the race; Donald Trump is No. 1.

I attended a press conference in the North End of Boston in hopes of asking Noem a question. It was successful—after the John Fetterman/Bernie Sanders-loving liberal from The Boston Herald finally shut up; he didn’t even use most of the quotes because the responses didn’t fit his preconceived narrative. 

I asked Noem about Maura Healey, the Democrat in the race. She’s not a fan of Healey. Asking the governor of South Dakota a question at a press…

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