Krasner violates campaign laws – and EVERYONE knew it


On Thursday, December 9, 2021, the KYW Newsradio reported that the Philadelphia Board of Ethics approved a settlement agreement with Larry Krasner’s re-election campaign for campaign finance violations. Throughout their bid for reelection, the Krasner Campaign had partnered with the Real Justice PAC for its staff to perform services and work for the campaign, which was paid for in advance by the campaign. This was covered heavily by the Philadelphia Weekly, the Philadelphia Law Blog, as well as Broad + Liberty, yet no action was taken before Krasner was able to gain an illicit advantage against his primary opponent Carlos Vega (D), and in the general election race against Charles Peruto (R).

Shane Creamer, the executive director of the Board of Ethics, told KYW Newsradio that Real Justice PAC failed to properly disclose information including how its workers were being paid, and that…

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