Kevin Harvick rips ‘crappy-ass’ parts on NASCAR’s new car after Darlington fire


Former Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick voiced his frustrations with NASCAR and its new Cup Series car after his car caught fire Sunday night at Darlington.

Harvick was forced to park his car and get out of it while on track after it went up in flames during the final stage of the race won by Erik Jones. Harvick said that fire started coming through his dash two laps before he parked it and the flames kept getting worse.

Harvick called the parts on the car “crappy-ass” in his interview with NBC after exiting the car. He finished 33rd in the playoff opener.

“I’m sure it’s just crappy parts on the race car like we’ve seen so many times.  They haven’t fixed anything. It’s kind of like the safety stuff. We just let it keep going and keep going. The car started burning and as it burned the flames started coming through the dash. I ran a couple laps and then as the flame…

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