Kaul on ‘UpFront’ presses GOP lawmakers to repeal 1849 abortion ban


Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul is again calling on GOP lawmakers to repeal the state’s 1849 abortion ban, a move that is unlikely as Republican leaders mull whether to add rape and incent as exceptions.

“Any legislation that’s proposed is going to depend on the details,” Kaul said on WISN’s “UpFront,” which is produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com. “Certainly to the extent that they can expand access to safe and legal abortion, that’s a good thing. But what the terms of those bills are is critical. If the Legislature passes a law that is really designed to make sure that 1849 ban remains in place, that’s certainly not something that should be considered.”

Kaul also said he backs the U.S. Justice Department investigation into former President Donald Trump and his actions following the 2020 election but wouldn’t comment on whether state…

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