Katherine Parkinson and Alison Steadman shine in this warm hug of a sitcom, Here We Go, on BBC One.


“I cannot accept we’re that useless as a family,” Rachel, played by Katherine Parkinson, bravely tells her husband (and herself) in Here We Go. She is absolutely correct. The Jessops aren’t completely ineffective; they’re just regular people trying to get through life’s annoyances. Tom Basden’s family sitcom is back with a new name and a full series, with the tagline “We Were Just Trying To Do Something Nice For Once.” They first appeared on screens in the 2020 BBC pilot Pandemonium, but now they’re back with a new name and a full series.

The Jessops attempt to use an adventure experience voucher before it expires in the first episode, but are thwarted by poor planning and an unintentional dog abduction. Paul (Peep Show’s Jim Howick), a former Olympic archer desperate to relive past glory, sits alongside Parkinson’s exasperated Rachel. It seems criminal that…

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