Kamala Harris says she’s looking for ways to ‘creatively’ solve the $1.7 trillion student-debt crisis, reminding many of her plan that was criticized as overly complicated when she ran for president


Vice President Kamala Harris.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

  • VP Kamala Harris told “Face the Nation” she was seeking ways to “creatively” relieve student debt.

  • Many were quick to point toward her presidential plan to forgive debt for Black entrepreneurs.

  • At the time, her plan was criticized as being overly complicated and benefiting few people.

Vice President Kamala Harris said she was looking for ways to get creative when it comes to the $1.7 trillion student-debt crisis.

Over the weekend, Harris appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss a range of issues, including voting rights, the status of Biden’s economic agenda, and student debt. On the latter, the vice president acknowledged the burden the debt could have on individuals and families.

Harris told interviewer Margaret Brennan that the administration must continue to be “vigilant” on the issue because it had “the ability to actually…

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