Just How Blackmail-able is President Biden?


This might be the calm before the storm for the Hunter Biden laptop story. Discussion seems to be moving from the contents — we’ve got the idea and need to take repeated showers with antibacterial soap — to the significance of those contents.

On Tuesday, The Hill reported that Biden has told Obama he intends to run again in 2024. But on the same day, Townhall ran a piece by Oliver North and David Goetsch entitled “Biden’s Family Scandal: Never Underestimate the Power of Blackmail.”

Set Up for Blackmail

Not long ago, we went to Andrew C. McCarthy’s book Ball of Collusion to look at the corruption in Ukraine, the so-called influence peddling in which so many on both sides of the aisle engage. The context was Paul Manafort and how he ever became Trump’s campaign chairman, but this is the same environment where the “Biden family business”…

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