Journalists spent Christmas doxxing the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ guy


While the rest of us enjoyed unmasked, indoor, cozy Christmas festivities — much to the horror of Anthony Fauci — a number of journalists stuck to work, doing what they do best: doxxing private citizens for having to gall to air their dislike of our Dear Leader.

During the president’s annual Christmas tradition of fielding calls tracking the travels of Santa Claus, one caller had the audacity to end his call to President Joe Biden with, “Let’s go Brandon,” the G-rated euphemism for “F*** Joe Biden.”

The past decade has seen effigies of Barack Obama publicly incinerated and lynched on a noose, Kathy Griffin boasting a decapitated dummy head of Donald Trump, and “F*** Donald Trump” and “pussy” hats lionized by the corporate media and the Democratic Party as not just acceptable, but empowering and dignified forms of political protest. Next to all of…

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