Jonathan Kraut | Three Rules About Making a Tough Choice


I was once asked which choice would I make if I had the power to do so. 

The first option was that my life would greatly improve, but the lives of everyone else would remain unchanged. 

Choice No. 2 was that my life would remain relatively unchanged but the lives of everyone else would greatly improve. 

The question, in its essence, can be viewed as a political one: Is your priority your own interests or on the behalf of others? 

Examining choice poses a great opportunity for thought and reflection as we proceed into this New Year. Especially with our challenges of late, to include adjusting to the pandemic, recent crisis of climate, drought, and wildfire, and intensified political vitriol, supporting smart choices in 2022 is critical. 

It would seem our frustration with politics is based on a conflict between these perspectives. While perhaps we would…

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