John Daly Reveals What Donald Trump Told Him During Their First Meeting in 1992


John Daly is one of the most entertaining golfers on the Tour and fans love him for his personality. Daly recently won the 2021 PNC Championship with his son, John Daly II, beating Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie Woods.


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Days after the tournament, Daly appeared in a Podcast as a guest in which he talked about his relationship with the former President of America, Donald Trump. He said, “I met him in 92, in Massachusetts.”


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Explaining further about their meet, Daly said it was a Tour event. Also, he shared the interesting conversation the two had after the game. He revealed what Trump told him all the way back in 1992, “when we left that balcony… um… he says, ‘I will be President of the United States one day’.”

John Daly and Donald Trump – friends who support each other

Daly has…

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