JOHN BRUMMETT: The Asa straddle


Maybe it’s a void. Maybe it’s the breach. Either way, Asa Hutchinson has really stepped in it.

There he was, back on Sunday-morning network television. He was more candid than ever and broadly critical this time of Republican leaders and extremists rather than only of Donald Trump. He seemed a little more significant and prominent than merely the Republican governor in Arkansas who doesn’t mind criticizing Trump.

I had a thought while watching Hutchinson on “Meet the Press” on NBC four days ago. It was that an unknown or lesser-known presidential candidate sometimes can catch a wave by getting out front on a message primary voters are looking for. It was that Hutchinson is doing his best to get out front on Republican rejection of Trump and, in an update, the disruptive madness elsewhere in the Republican Party.

He is plodding toward a theme, which is “back to the future,” to…

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