Joe Biden’s tech policy is becoming clearer


TO UNDERSTAND how much technology behemoths’ standing in Washington, DC, has changed in the past four years, ask Barry Lynn, founder of the Open Markets Institute, an anti-monopoly group. In 2017 he was allegedly kicked out of the New America Foundation, a think-tank that hosted his team, for being too critical of big tech. At the time, Mr Lynn’s work decrying “platform monopolists” and advocating for breaking up tech giants was provocative but niche. He was like a protester with a megaphone, loud but mostly tuned out.

Today, when Joe Biden talks about corporate “concentration”, he sounds a lot like Mr Lynn, and he has named Mr Lynn’s friends to top posts. Lina Khan, who worked at the Open Markets Institute for seven years, now chairs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an agency charged with protecting consumer privacy and enforcing…

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