Joe Biden was not made for the age of TikTok. But his team is trying.


The result was a 17-second video set in different areas of the White House, shot a few days before the meeting, which subtly pushed Covid vaccinations. It did precisely what Flaherty imagined.

Political Twitter cringed at Joe Jonas, front and center, mouthing “Bing Bong!” and President Joe Biden popping up at the end, phone in hand, having seemingly recorded it all, declaring: “We got it!” Online, there was some shock that the video even came to pass. Some of it was dismissive. A fraction of folks on TikTok called for action on other agenda items, such as student debt relief. A Rolling Stone podcast argued it had “backfired” with the youths.

But in the first 24 hours, the clip had 50 million views, 10 million likes and 500,000 shares overall. The “sound” (an audio clip usually created by someone else and used in new ways by other TikTokers) had been used for other…

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