Joe Biden tone deaf on ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant


President Biden has to be the only man in the country who has not heard the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant.

Or so Jen Psaki, his press secretary, would have you believe.

It is either that or he just won’t acknowledge it, just will not acknowledge any of his failures as president, whether it was his humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan or his failure to shut down the spread of COVID-19.

And who can blame him? No one want to be smacked with such a base vulgarity.

Yet, if no one in Joe Biden’s staff-driven presidency informed him about the persistent and widespread “Let’s go, Brandon” saying, which has become a euphemism for a slur, what other information are they keeping from him?

It was painfully obvious that Biden, with wife Jill at his side, was totally in the dark about the incoming insult when he fielded a Christmas Eve call from a man during the children’s…

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