Joe Biden told to butt out of Brexit by Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley


The Kremlin had interpreted Mr Biden’s actions, including giving a green light to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and slowing down military aid to Ukraine, as an “invitation to evil”.

She added that Europe had been “too bureaucratic and soft” to stop it.

Haley: Stopping China requires resolve of Thatcher and Churchill

Mrs Haley identified China as the biggest national security threat the world faces, and said deterring war in East Asia must be the “overriding goal”.

To do so would require a “Churchillian moment” to see the coming threat, and rally the free world.

She said it would take the “sort of leadership” shown by Baroness Thatcher, who had been an inspiration throughout her own career.

An “axis” was emerging between dictatorships in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

She said: “The Western way of life depends on deterring these threats. Stalemate is not good enough. Victory is required….

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