Joe Biden Needs To Start Paying Attention To Libya


In Libya, Leader of Free World Absent Again: While the world’s attention focuses on Ukraine, Taiwan, and the Middle East, bad things are coming out of Africa. Libya could well add to that list. National elections are in limbo, and U.S. leadership seems once again missing in action.

Why should we care? North Africa is an integral part of the “Greater Middle East,” and a Middle East at peace and prosperous is good for America. In the best of worlds, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, and Sudan would be pillars of stability. Algeria would at best keep the problems of Algeria in Algeria. Today, the best of worlds is far away, and Libya is more distant than most.

Indeed, Libya is, once again, on life support. Presidential elections should have been held this month. At the last moment, they were postponed by the Libyan High National Elections Commission which proposed January 24,…

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