Joe Biden Inspires 17-Year-Old From Danvers With Stutter – CBS Boston


BOSTON (CBS) – Speaking confidently during the final 2020 Presidential Debate, Democratic candidate Joe Biden stuttered. But it’s no secret that former vice president has struggled with a stutter throughout his life.

“It’s kind of cool to see how he can do so well with public speaking,” 17-year-old Ethan West of Danvers said.

West says he has stuttered his entire life, too.

“The hardest part when it comes to stuttering is probably like wanting to say a lot but not having the word to say it or taking a long time to say,” he said.

Ethan West (WBZ-TV)

At age eight, he started working with Diane Constantino, who works with the Stuttering Foundation and is also Director of the Center for Stuttering Therapy at Boston University.

She says Biden’s position helps bring stuttering to the forefront.

“When he was open about his stuttering. He was able to express it’s tough,…

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