Joe Biden has really sucky poll numbers



If President Joe Biden had any ambitions to ring in the new year with newfound favorability among the American people, he can put that dream back in the box. His most recent poll numbers show he’s opened 2022 with a near five-point trail to Donald Trump in a fictional matchup.

How low can Joe go.

There’s a bumper sticker for the times.

If Biden is truly — as he’s stated on numerous occasions — going to seek another White House term in 2024, he’ll need to address his falling, falling, fallen favor with the American public.

As Newsweek just summarized, an average of Real Clear Politics polling “shows Trump leading Biden by 4.8 percentage points. About 46 percent of voters support the former president and just 41.2 percent back [Biden].”

That’s pretty sucky.

But that’s been Biden’s claim to fame shortly into his administration: he’s the king of sucky. And boy,…

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