Joe Biden, as president, would need to keep son Hunter Biden, brother Jim Biden out of troubling business ventures


I need to get something off my chest before the election.

For Joe Biden to be a good president, he needs to put a brick on his family members and their business entanglements and leave it there.

Look, I voted for Biden, no hesitation, no second thoughts. This country needs to be rescued from Donald Trump, and Biden should do the trick if he wins.

But our determination to close the book on Trump shouldn’t prevent Biden supporters from admitting there is a foul aroma arising from Hunter Biden’s past business dealings, especially his involvement with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

There’s practically a conspiracy of silence among Democrats about Hunter Biden. Not an active conspiracy to cover up the way that Republicans might imagine it, more of a passive acceptance to get past the election. I’ve been part of it.

I attribute it to the Trump effect. Since he became…

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