Joe Biden as President is Overwhelmed and Ineffective


Senator Barrasso recently spoke outside of the Senate floor and continued to criticize President Biden’s performance as the President of the United States.

“As we enter 2022, the undeniable truth is that Joe Biden as President is overwhelmed and ineffective,” Senator Barrasso began. “And the Vice-President, his backup quarterback…it seems every time she touches the ball, it’s either a fumble or she throws an interception.”

Barrasso said that he made those comments because the American people have lived through one of the most expensive Christmas holidays ever.

“If they were driving to go visit family or friends, the price of gasoline at the pump on Christmas day was the highest it’s ever been on a Christmas day in America,” he said. “The cost of a gallon of gas is a dollar a gallon higher this Christmas than it was last Christmas. And it’s not just gasoline; it’s Christmas gifts, it’s…

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