Jingle bell time a swell time to decide about a 2024 campaign


For everything in politics, there is a season. A period of primaries to winnow the field. Party conventions in the summertime. The Labor Day kickoff of the general election.

To such well-known mileposts of the political calendar, there must be added one more: talking with your family over the holidays about your next big campaign.

A Who’s Who of American politics has said recently, when pressed if they would run for federal office in 2024, that they would hash it out with family during the next two weeks. Democrat or Republican, whether testing a bid for Senate or aspiring to the White House, politicians have deflected, when asked if they’re jumping into a race, by resorting to nearly identical language.

“It’ll be a discussion that I have with my family over the holidays,” Sen. Jon Tester of Montana told “Meet the Press” when asked if he would seek…

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