Jim Jordan says ‘it’s gonna be tough’ to work with ‘radical’ Democrats, pans Pelosi 1/6 commission proposal


Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News on Sunday that he’s not sure Republicans in Congress will be able to work with Democrats, saying that the opposing party in Congress is too “radically left” to negotiate with on major issues. 

Jordan, R-Ohio, made the comments in an interview with Fox News ahead of his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday. Jordan, one of the highest-profile Republicans in the House of Representatives, is the second-highest profile speaker of the day behind former President Donald Trump, who will deliver the keynote address.

“I don’t know if — it’s gonna be tough to work with the Democrats because they’re just so radically left today,” Jordan told Fox News. “I mean, you think about the policies the Biden administration has put in executive orders, canceling the moratorium on letting illegals in the country with a criminal record. The…

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