Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and the Squad have made their mark in Congress — just not with actual lawmaking, study finds


The most effective lawmakers at passing actual laws aren’t the ones out there grabbing headlines or feeding the cable news beast.

Congressman Jim Jordan, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump for his fierce defence of the former president, was the third least effective Republican in the 116th Congress (2019-20) when it came to actually moving legislation through the House.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, another Fox News darling, ranked well into the bottom quartile among Republican lawmakers, according to the study.

To determine each lawmaker’s score, researchers weighed 15 different metrics that sought to capture the number of bills a member introduced last Congress, how those bills fared in terms of moving towards the House floor for a final vote, and the significance of those bills, among several other inputs.

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