Jim Fossel: Joe Biden falls short on promise of unity


During the 2020 presidential campaign, we were promised that Joe Biden would be – and be able to do – a lot of things. We were told that, under Biden, America would reemerge on to the world stage, regaining the trust of our allies, and return to a leadership position on a whole range of issues, from climate change to nonproliferation to trade. Supposedly, if Joe Biden got elected, the world would at least respect us again – even those countries that hated us.

Let’s check in on that theory, shall we? While the administration was able to spearhead a global agreement on climate change at the conference in Glasgow, many scientists say it’s not nearly enough, even if it is progress. Moreover, for the United States to enact its goals under the agreement, they’ll need to pass actual legislation – and the prospect for that seems dim at the moment. If Democrats don’t get…

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