Jim Acosta Rips Ted Cruz For Walking Back Jan. 6 Comment


Jim Acosta excoriated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Saturday, for the “flaccid moment” when he apologized to Tucker Carlson for characterizing Jan. 6 as a “violent terrorist attack.”

“We have spent a lot of time this past week talking about January 6th, but we haven’t really addressed what comes next,” Acosta said on Saturday. “One thing we do know is that the truth about the insurrection is still under attack. Consider Ted Cruz, who actually told the truth about January 6th and paid the price.”

Cruz has been widely mocked for his “pathetic” appearance on Tucker Carlson‘s show, during which the senator retracted his labeling of Jan. 6 as a “violent terrorist attack” after Carlson accused him of lying.

“For Cruz, a funny thing happened on the way to honesty,” Acosta said. “The same Ted Cruz who yes, fanned the flames of the insurrection in…

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