JENNER drops INTRO VIDEO — JOHN COX gets beastly — TRANSGENDER rights center stage in CA — MERIDA to head LATimes — DEVIN NUNES’ ‘Freedom Fest’


THE BUZZ FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: We’re about seven months out from the actual vote on the California recall — and the landscape on the GOP side is already getting wild. For starters…..

COX’s ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST‘ STRATEGY: California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “pretty boy” political image — and his famed French Laundry dinner — take a beating in aggressive new ads from businessman John Cox, who portrays the recall as a contest between “Beauty and the Beast.”

The two new spots were crafted by legendary GOP ad man Fred Davis, who has been enshrined in the political pantheon as the creator of memorable ads like the now-infamous 3-minute-plus “Demon Sheep” ad from the 2010 governor’s race — once called the weirdest political ad of all time — and a 2010 spot called “Hot Air,’’ which portrayed Sen. Barbara Boxer as a huge Goodyear blimp.


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