January. Group 6 seeks an interview with Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump


On January 5, Mr. Jordan, Mr. He sent a text message to Trump’s chief executive, Mark Meadows, outlining the legal strategy for changing the election from a lawyer and former Pentagon inspector general.

“On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as Speaker of the Senate, shall, under the guidance of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and, as a matter of judicial precedence, call for all unconstitutional election votes, which are unconstitutional. , ”The text read.

On January 6, Mr. Talking to Trump, Mr. Jordan agreed, He said he did not remember how many times they spoke that day or when the calls came.

During the riots, Mr. The panel is particularly interested in what Trump was doing, Mr. Thompson said he noted it had already been received. Evidence that “the…

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