January. Group 6 seeks an interview with Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump


Liz Cheney, Wyoming Republican Representative and Vice Chair of the Committee, January. For 6 events Mr. Jordan has been described as a “material witness.” Mr. Jordan has said he is considering cooperating with the group. Requests, however, he also called the group “hurt.”

Mr. “I have nothing to hide,” Jordan told the rules committee in November. Thompson noted.

Despite telling the House Force on Jan. 6 that “Americans instinctively know something is wrong with this election,” Mr. Jordan said the election was never called a rig.

Mr. A Jordanian spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the congressman noted the letter, which appeared in Fox News on Wednesday evening.

“We just got the letter today,” he said. Jordan said. “We are going to review the letter.” He added that he had “real concerns” about the group and that…

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