Jan. 6 panel questions are fair, but tactics unreasonable (Letters)


The Republican editorial “Jan 6. panel needs to see Trump papers,” Dec 27, page C4, is a fair request. Unfortunately this Jan 6. panel has a “hollow, wishful notion of how things ought to be”, not used to be in our representative republic. Some will still try to show conspiracy and collusion with select passages of these records. They will seize telephone records of any and all Republicans as the see fit. They will swear it is their constitutional duty to to use any Banana Republic tactics that hold their power and destroy the voice, the election, and even the lives of the opposition party. Their pure hatred for the “wrong voters” can be seen in the uneven justice that is being handed down to these Jan. 6 rioters.

There is an odd difference how the media labels them the “Trump- inspired Insurrectionist” and ignores the “peaceful protesters” who just months before…

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