Jan. 6 hearings target current GOP officeholders along with Trump: The Note


The TAKE with Rick Klein

What happened is not solely in the past — and is not only about former President Donald Trump, either.

Thursday’s primetime opening by the House Jan. 6 committee targeted Trump directly — in part by using the words of his family members and close associates to make the case that Trump and those around him knew he lost but fomented violence anyway.

Perhaps just as striking was the focus on GOP lawmakers who appear to have enabled and, in many cases, continue to excuse the lawlessness around that horrific day. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., offered the startling revelation that multiple House members reached out to the Trump White House in its final days to request pardons for their roles in trying to overturn the election — at least a tacit admission that they knew what they had done was wrong.

A view of the room as the U.S House Select Committee to Investigate the…

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