Jan. 6 Committee Shelves Requests for Hundreds of Trump Records


In fact, the White House has taken pains to emphasize its continued opposition to Mr. Trump’s legal arguments. On Dec. 23, Ms. Remus reiterated her rejection of Mr. Trump’s blanket assertion of executive privilege in a letter to David S. Ferriero, the head of the National Archives, writing that “it is not in the best interests of the United States.”

Mr. Trump filed a federal lawsuit in October trying to block the archives from releasing any materials to Congress, calling the committee’s attempt to obtain records “nothing less than a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition.” A federal appeals court ruled on Dec. 9 that Congress was entitled to see records related to the attack, and on Dec. 23, Mr. Trump’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to take up the case.

News of the deal, reported earlier on Tuesday by The Associated Press, comes less than two weeks before the first…

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