James Comey knocks Barr’s attacks on the Russia probe: ‘I have no idea what on Earth he is talking about’


“I have no idea what on Earth he is talking about,” Comey said when asked to respond Barr’s comments that the FBI’s Russia investigation was “abhorrent.”

“This was an investigation, it was appropriately predicated and opened that had to be opened and it was in the main conducted in the right way, picked up by the special counsel, lead to the indictment of dozens of people, and a finding by your colleagues in the Senate that the head of Trump’s campaign was a grave counterintelligence threat to the United States of America because he was funneling in information to a known Russian intelligence officer,” Comey added. “The notion that the attorney general believes that was an illegitimate endeavor to investigate that mystifies me.”

Comey cited a judge’s criticism of the Justice Department’s handling of the Flynn case, saying “this guy is getting treated in a way that nobody’s ever been…

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