Ivanka Trump spent hours answering questions from the 1/6 committee about her father’s coup


Ivanka Trump was described as not very talkative, but she answered questions from the 1/6 Committee.

TBEN News reported:

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi told reporters that, unlike some witnesses who appeared before the committee, she did not, to her knowledge, attempt to invoke the Fifth Amendment or executive privilege to avoid to provide information to the committee.

“She answers questions,” Thompson said. “Not in a broad, verbose term, but she answers questions.”

In other words, Ivanka Trump was saying just enough to avoid a contempt charge and only providing the minimum information required. Unlike her husband, Ivanka Trump was in the White House and participated in conversations with her father before and during the 1/6 attack.

Ivanka Trump probably has more legal risk in the situation than Jared Kushner.

Committee 1/6 is unlikely to seek out…

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