It’s Time to See If Alison Grimes Violated Campaign Ethics Laws


Gerald “Jerry” Lundergan, a former Kentucky state representative and chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, has been convicted of violating federal campaign finance laws, and must report to prison on Nov. 30.

Lundergan conspired to illegally contribute funds from one of his companies to the 2014 Senate campaign of his daughter, Alison Lundergan Grimes. Now, questions remain as to Grimes’ own possible violation of campaign ethics law, and the people of Kentucky deserve prompt answers.

The Ethics Commission of Kentucky’s executive branch has voted unanimously to initiate a formal complaint against Grimes for her alleged unethical conduct for using voter registration records for private (political) purposes while she was secretary of state.

Lundergan, along with political consultant Dale Emmons, was convicted of conspiring to illegally contribute more than $200,000…

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