It’s Like Democrats Want to Be Crushed in November


Who says we can’t build bridges with the commie-loving, groomer-excusing, weather-worshiping race freaks of the left? We both seem to agree on one thing – all good and patriotic Americans need to take action to ensure that this pedo-curious, race-obsessed band of Marxist weirdos gets its collective Schumer kicked next November. Well, I think we agree on that. I know I do, and I know you do – we want to see them suffer total repudiation and more humiliation than even a Bulwark staffer can get into. But what is odd is that they seem to want the same thing.

After all, they are doing everything they can to drive every decent American away from the garbage Democrat Party. 

Who knows why it is? Maybe the Democrats have a death wish. We certainly wish that motley collection of campus collectivists, welfare cheats, and fringy enablers would expire and be replaced with some kind…

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