It has been a slow week in political punditry, apparently


Between Anthony Fauci’s appearance before Congress and President Joe Biden’s demagoguery in Georgia, it hasn’t exactly been a slow news week.

Yet, you’d think otherwise from following the commentary sections of some of the biggest newsrooms in the country.

Over in the world of political punditry, the main question for certain thinkers and scribblers this week doesn’t involve Biden’s push for “voting rights” or whether Fauci has misled the country regarding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather, the most pressing matter is: Who should run for president in 2024?

Even worse than the question has been the responses.

At the Wall Street Journal, guest contributors Douglas E. Schoen and Andrew Stein believe the Democratic Party’s best bet in the next presidential election is to nominate two-timed failed…

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