Is Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal fully paid for?


After signing a coronavirus and economic relief plan into law, President Joe Biden turned to an infrastructure proposal as his next legislative priority.

Cabinet members, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have fanned out to promote the president’s $2 trillion-plus package, while critics of the plan are complaining about the cost. 

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” April 4, Buttigieg emphasized that the expenditures would be covered by revenue increases.

“The vision the president has put forward (in the infrastructure bill) is fully paid for,” he said. “Across 15 years, it would raise all of the revenue needed for these once-in-a-lifetime investments.”

The president himself re-emphasized the importance of this point in a speech touting the plan on April 7. “We’ve got to pay for this,” he said.

Buttigieg is largely correct, though there are some…

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