Is Greg Gutfeld Becoming the New King of Fox News?


Is the former editor of Stuff magazine who used to host a 3 a.m. talk show now poised to become a top dog at Fox News? If recent viewership numbers are any indication, that may just be the case.

Greg Gutfeld, the 57-year-old self-described “libertarian” known for his right-wing humor and increasingly hostile politics, currently hosts two of the most-watched shows on cable news.

In the process, Gutfeld has played a key role in relegating Sean Hannity—whose name was once synonymous with Fox News—to third-place status at the network. And he is seemingly on the verge of overtaking Tucker Carlson as the king of Fox News ratings, all while both of Gutfeld’s programs sit outside of the highly viewed weeknight primetime hours.

Between the recent ratings victories of The Five and the high viewership numbers of Gutfeld’s eponymous late-night talk show, the former Red Eye host is a Fox…

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