Is Glenn Youngkin Running For President?


WEST HOLLYWOOD—Here in California this past week, my city council voted to defund the sheriff’s department. But West Hollywood isn’t the only American neighborhood that’s given up on laying down the law. The sheriffs at Mar-A-Lago also appear to be off duty.

My late mentor Mark Perry called Harry Truman “more Democrat than American,” in reference to the revulsion by the 33rd president to his successor, Dwight Eisenhower, joining forces with the GOP. But Truman’s most notorious political observation extends properly to the party he hated: if you want a friend in Republican politics, get a dog.

Two months after former President Donald Trump looked to have the Midas touch, it’s open season on the American antipope.

We’ve been here before, with doubters galore of this Donald Trump guy. But, it should be said, it has not been quite like this in…

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