Iran’s President Not Welcome in US, Should be Prosecuted for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, Say Iranian Americans


An ad-hoc group of more than five hundred Iranian-American scientists, academics, and professionals are calling on U.S. President Joe Biden to not only deny a visa for Iran’s president to enter the United State but for Ebrahim Raisi to be prosecuted for, “crimes against humanity and genocide,” according to a letter released by the group on Sept. 8.

In August, the government of Iran indicated that Raisi would seek an entry visa to the United States to attend the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly in New York later this month. But a spokesman for the ad-hoc committee, Kazem Kazerounian, Iranian-American Dean of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, said that they are pleading with the Biden administration to take “strong and immediate actions to reflect that Raisi does not represent the people of Iran and, therefore, must be denied entry visa to the United…

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