Inmates given chance to record bedtime stories thanks to donors


When a parent in South Carolina spends time behind bars, families — and especially their children — can suffer too. But a program within the South Carolina Department of Corrections, known as ‘A Father’s Voice’ is working to help keep those children encouraged and on track, using the power of their parent’s voice. On Wednesday, a group of six inmates at Tyger River Correctional Institution gathered inside the facility’s chapel where they read and recorded bedtime stories for their children. “It shows the child that even though the parent is behind bars for things that they’ve done that they still love them and care about them,” Department of Corrections Director Bryan Stirling said. ‘A Father’s Voice’ was born out of the Riley Institute in 2016 and is made possible through donations, allowing inmates who are on good behavior to read a story to their child or children, using…

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